Addicted to the Hard Stuff

Yep, it’s true. I’m completely and totally addicted to all things white ceramic. What did you think I meant??

My obsession has been in full force for several years now. It actually got its start with a beautiful piece of milk glass (not technically white ceramic, but aesthetically similar) from my mother-in-law. It’s gorgeous packed full of flowers that peak just above the brim. Don’t judge me for the dust, m’kay?

My favorite bedside accessory, the all-white old-school clock.

This white ceramic owl keeps a close eye on Tony’s stack of books.

Is there any better place to store necklaces than on a white ceramic branch? Not if you ask me!

The best (unplanned) addition to our master bath – this killer find from Ross, a $30 garden stool.

A ubiquitous white vase from Ikea? Yup, we’ve got two.

The Pope, in white ceramic, presiding over our mantle.

My all-time favorite potted plant, parked in a fish-scale patterned white ceramic pot. Love.

My two most recent acquisitions – my $4 pumpkin, picked up on my first shopping trip to White Elephant Antiques down in Dallas.

And this super awesome skull. Is it wrong that I want to keep it out long past Halloween? When I brought this home, Tony rolled his eyes knowingly. At least I’m consistent, right?

Anhoo, in case you’re also nursing a wicked case of the gimmees when it comes to white ceramic, here are some of my favorites, all available online.

The PB Footed Bowl ($9) – fill this with a single type of flower (if you’re cheap like me, carnations are a good bet) for a pretty and inexpensive centerpiece for a small pedestal table. You can usually find bowls like this in thrift stores, too.

Ikea’s Kardemumma plant pot ($2.99 ea) comes in several white-on-white patterns. Try it with an aloe vera plant for a graphic look.

The classically-styled white milk glass soap pump from Target ($12.99) would be perfect in a kitchen sporting white subway tiles. The only caveat, since we own the green version, is that the silver pump tends to tarnish over time if it isn’t kept clean. Woops.

West Elm’s white nutcrackers are on my must-have list for the holidays. But at $29 for the small version and $69 for the tall version, I’ll be waiting until the post-Christmas clearance to (hopefully) snap up a pair. Of course, this would also make a great DIY project!

West Elm is also the home of the ceramic owl (the very same that carefully protects Tony’s books from being read). The large version is sold out, but the little guy is still there for just $9.

This little elephant tea pot from World Market ($12.99) is cute enough to ALMOST make me interested in drinking tea. Or at least displaying a teap pot.

Old Oscar would have been way less grouchy if his trash can looked more like this mini-compost bucket, don’t you think? Also a World Market find ($14.99).

White letter bookends ($35 from would be a standout in a bookshelf with a dark or brightly colored backing. For a cheaper alternative, find a pair of bookends in a fun shape at your local thrift store and give ’em a coat of gloss white spray paint.

Do you have any amazing collections you can’t live without?


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  1. TuUyen

    I love white ceramic things too!

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