We’ll Show You, Hallmark!

Happy Friday, friends! Although I promised we’d stick to interior design and decor on The Lottery House, we’re going to veer slightly off the beaten path today to tackle a different kind of DIY project: this adorable, easy-to-make baby shower card.

The best part? You can knock this little beauty out in the time it takes you to go to the store and sort through the stacks of not-so-cute cards and sentiments that sound nothing like any words you’d ever utter.

Before we get cracking on our baby shower card, let me give you a little background on my love affair with greeting cards. I’ve been a cutting, pasting, sticker-sticking, card-making fool for as long as I can remember. The December issue of Martha Stewart with pages upon pages of gift tag ideas always leaves me giddy (and running for the nearest pair of scissors). Apparently, my zeal for handmade cards is contagious – even Tony and Livi have tried their hands at a little DIY Hallmark-ing.

My big birthday present: a “gift card” to Ann Taylor from Livi and Tony.

A “just because” card from Livi.

My own handiwork – Tony’s Father’s Day gift arrived later than planned, so he got a nicely wrapped paper version for the occasion.

Ready for your own card-making adventure? To start with, you’ll need these supplies:

  • 4 kinds of scrapbook paper. I chose two patterns and two solids.
  • A blank greeting card and envelope
  • Photo mounting squares
  • A glue stick or Elmer’s glue
  • Scissors
  • (Optional) Swirl and circle paper punches

Step 1:
Choose your two background papers. I picked a pattern for Background 1 and a solid for background 2. Cut Background 1 into a square slightly smaller than your greeting card, and cut Background 2 into a square slightly smaller than Background 1. This will give you a nice layered look.

Step 2:
Time to make your wheels and handle! You’ll need to make two wheels and a single handle. I chose a dark brown paper for both elements – black or silver would also be good choices. My swirl paper punch broke right after I snapped its photo (woops) so I free-handed a swirl with a pair of scissors. The buggy wheels are also easy to make without a paper punch – just trace the top of a Crayola marker, and then cut the shape out.

Step 3:
Let’s make a buggy! A wine bottle is a good template to use for this shape. You know, just hypothetically speaking, not from experience or anything. Cut out your circle, and then remove the top 1/4 of the shape, so it looks like PacMan.

Step 4:
Put it all together. Attach Background 1 to your greeting card using photo mounting tabs like these.

Then attach Background 2 to Background 1, also using photo tabs. Center your baby buggy in the midle of Background 2, and affix it with photo tabs or glue. Now you’re ready for your wheels and handle! I opted to attach both of these with basic white glue.

Let your card dry, and it’s baby shower ready! Unless, of course, you want to score bonus brownie points with your prego friend by adding  some extra embellishment with stickers or rick rack.

Sidenote: To give credit where it’s due, this is based on a Martha Stewart project from years ago. Unfortunately for Martha, I could find no trace of this project on her website, so no linky love!

Are you a greeting card DIYer, or are you a die-hard Hallmarker?



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5 responses to “We’ll Show You, Hallmark!

  1. monica lingle

    awww this looks very familiar!!! I remember us sitting in my front room making 150 of these little cute cards! Good times! Have a wonderful weekend 🙂

  2. These are adorable!!! and seem so easy to make! Thanks for showing us how you did it!

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