Here, Piggy Piggy

A few weeks ago, I shared my favorites from the most recent issue of Lonny. Particularly, one small gold-leafed pig, perched atop some brightly colored books.

I’ve been dying to try a gold-leafing project, so I promised myself I’d look for a ceramic pig in need of a makeover on my next trip to Goodwill. The universe must be smiling on me, though, because I got my hot little hands on a pig way sooner than planned. On my weekly sojourn to Michael’s, I wandered up the papier mache aisle – you know, the one filled with all kinds of weird papier mache ornaments, boxes, and picture frames. You know what caught my eye, don’t you? That’s right. A papier mache pig. I’m pretty sure he fell right out of heaven, because he was the only one in all the bins. A-mazing.

So, I grabbed my little $2.99 piggie and high-tailed it home, ready for my first adventure in gold leafing. Here he is, practicing for his future career as a book-topper. Definitely in need of some bling, right? ‘Cause this little fella is looking a whole lot like an unglamorous paper lunch sack.

So Piggie and I headed outside…

I grabbed my trusty can of Krylon 14K Gold spray paint (you might remember 14-Karat – that’s his street name – from an acorn story)  to give Piggie a base coat before applying my gold leaf, and went to town.

Once I was done, though, I realized that he doesn’t even NEED any gold leafing – thanks to his papier mache base, he already has plenty of cool texture to keep him from looking “flat”.

I chalk this up to the easiest makeover ever. Without further adieu, let’s skip straight to the gratuitious golden pig shots, shall we?

The only thing missing is the fabulous styling, a la Lonny magazine. Unfortunately for me, I was fresh out of 4 dozen roses, 3 orange Dr. Seuss plants, 2 silver julep cups, and a patridge in a pear tree when I snapped these pictures. And yes, this is what happens when I leave blogging until 9 pm on a worknight. It’s getting punchy over here, people.

So, what say you? Are you feeling warm and fuzzy over this 3-dolla pig? And have you knocked out any easier-than-expected projects lately?



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3 responses to “Here, Piggy Piggy

  1. Too cute. I’m jealous…my projects always turn out more complicated than expected.

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