Mirror, Mirror on the Floor

A few months back, I snagged a Bali Hai 6-drawer dresser on Craig’s List. You know how winning the lottery is in my life plan? Well, getting my paws on a Bali Hai dresser was on my bucket list too. Anyway, when I bought my dresser, I also acquired a worse-for-the-wear matching mirror. It was once a mirror with a stand, but you’ll have to take my word for that, since a thorough scouring of Google pictures yielded exactly 0 photos of the mirror in its once-upright glory.
Unfortunately, two broken legs later, the mirror was floor-bound. So the way I saw it, there was nowhere to go but up. On a wall, that is. Because this floor-standing mirror was too short for even me, and I barely hit the 5-foot mark without heels. And I even had the perfect spot earmarked for the mirror – nestled behind the main door of our master bathroom. Our bathroom had been painfully devoid of a full-length mirror for months, and I’d had my fill of perching on the bathtub to make sure I looked reasonably well put together before work every day.  

But before this mirror could make an appearance in our bathroom, it needed some major work to get it wall-ready. We started by measuring the diameter and the depth of the holes left behind from the old stand.

Then we bought a dowel at Michael’s and cut two plugs, leaving each plug slightly longer than the depth of the hole so we could sand it flat afterwards.
In went the plugs, secured with my friend, Elmer’s. Who would have guessed old Elmer would still be on my go-to list for projects this many years after kindergarten?
Then we sawed down the excess and sanded the plugs flush with the mirror frame. I added a little wood filler, just to even everything out, and then sanded again. 
The next dilemma was deciding how to hang the mirror. Since it weighs in at a solid 35 pounds, we knew we needed something heavy duty. So I picked up this mack-daddy sawtooth hanger at Orange, plus some 50-pound rated drywall anchors.

I attached the sawtooth hanger using the built-in nails (which is pure genius, because the regular kind usually equals smashed thumbs from trying to hold a tiny nail in place while hammering).
The final step in this mirror’s makeover involved kicking a wicked case of jaundice. I put some basic black garbage bags to work covering the main areas of the mirror, and then I taped off the edges using my favorite green Frog tape.
Now we were ready for spray paint. We started with some Valspar spray primer, and finished it off with two thin top coats of Krylon in glossy white. This beauty was ready for the wall (minus the not-so-useful-for-viewing-yourself black garbage bags, of course).
We put the anchors to work, and here she is, ready to provide confirmation that those 3 cupcakes pushed my favorite jeans from snug to dangerously overfilled.

I’m loving the clean coat of white on the bamboo detailing – and the fact that balancing on the edge of the bathtub isn’t a part of my morning routine anymore!



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3 responses to “Mirror, Mirror on the Floor

  1. Hooray for spray paint and a little elbow grease! This turned out great!

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