Lonny Love

Football season is here, and luckily for me, the new issue of Lonny was available to save me from staring blankly at the TV screen during last Sunday’s games. So, without further adieu, let’s peek at the highlights from the latest issue.

How about this amazing entryway? It had me at hello – from the brightly colored door to the mirrored table and the giant vase with leafy branches. I took a second look and fell in love with the dragon-print pillow and the zebra footstool.

Designing for kids can be tricky. Here’s a room that manages to be kid-friendly and cute without being overly sacchrine. And as the little fella ages, a fresh coat of paint and some white bed linens will take the room from tiny tot to pre-teen.

Those butterflies look ready to burst free from their plexiglass frame at any moment. Try Young House Love’s butterfly artwork for a DIY alternative!

Dear Gold Piggy: Leave your owner and run away with me. I promise to dress you in my best costume jewelry and keep the dog away from you. This totally makes me want to gold foil the nearest ceramic animal.

I struggle with letting bookshelves do their job and, well, store books. I love that these white bookshelves offer a clean backdrop for these brightly-colored books, and the layering of art in front of the shelves is perfection.

Must not show this powder room to the map-obsessed hubby, or we’ll be buying maps and wallpaper glue this weekend…

Would this giant peacock be completely out of place at our house? Yes. Do I covet it desperately, anyway? You betcha. Sidenote: are mirrored walls back in, and I just missed the memo? Don’t get me wrong, I’m down with it… no better way to make a small space look bigger!

Hello, large, ornate gold mirror and seashells. I’d never think to put the two of you together, but you make a smokin’ pair. And the upside is I already own a mirror that looks a lot like this one (Craig’s List-ed for $50)… plus a bizarre amount of seashells, considering Dallas is about as land-locked as you can get.

See? Another mirrored wall. What I’ve really got my eye on, though, is the skirted table topped with butcher block. A totally stylish way to hide a less-than-stylish piece of furniture. And yeah, we’ve got a few of those.

I don’t envy the folks that have to vacuum these stairs (Sidenote 2: I am turning into my mom). But I am totally jealous of how gorgeous these stairs look with that textured sea-grass runner.

Love the headboard and the simple-but-elegant mantle with twin topiaries.

I’m sure in a few years I’ll be barfing at the thought, but a wall-to-wall carpet with a pattern = swoon.

Want to peep the latest Lonny in full? Check it out here, then stop by and let me know what catches your eye! Until then, I’ll be working on trying to avoid inadvertently rhyming my sentences.


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