Peep Our Crib

If you’ve stopped by the Tour Our House page before, you’re well aware that the selection of photos there was pretty sad. And you’ve heard me lament my rough-looking photos before in a post or two. Luckily, my little brother made a trip to Dallas this weekend, and was kind enough to share some tips on how to improve my photography. In addition to showing me how to use my inherited DSLR in modes other than automatic (an embarrassing admission, I realize), he also was kind enough to lend me his wider-angle lens. You know, so I could take pictures in the guest bathroom without cramming my entire body into the corner of the shower after someone had just bathed (a soggy but true story).

So stop by the Tour Our House page and peep the vastly-improved pictures of our Lottery House!

P.S. If you’ve noticed that many of our rooms only have “Now” photos, there’s a pretty crummy reason for it (other than my photography skills). Our house was robbed last year, and my old DSLR and external hard drive with all our family photos disappeared. So although many of the pics are “Nows”, you can rest assured that there’s still plenty of change to come. We’re still searching for some old-school printed photos of the house when we first moved in, and if I can dig any up, I’ll be sure to share.


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