Halloween Spooktacular

I’ll admit, when it comes to decorating for holidays besides Christmas, I’m generally a slacker. My entire cache of Halloween decorations is comprised of a door hanger and a ghost yard stake. It takes exactly 1 minute to put our Halloween spirit on display. This year, though, I’m determined to get our house looking a little more festive for the first of the fall holidays.

So when I had an entire free afternoon all to myself this weekend, I high-tailed it to Michael’s with a 40% off coupon in hand, ready to take on Halloween decorating.  

Hello, crow! This creepy little fella set me back $2.50, and he was worth every penny.

He has a particularly baleful look in his eye if you get up close, and truth be told, I’ll take the blame. In order to fit him under the cloche, I had to trim his tail feathers. A lot. So we probably aren’t on speaking terms right now.

And yes, I realize this picture isn’t going to win me any awards. Turns out that photographing an item under glass is – um, impossible, at least for someone of my skill level. Luckily, my little brother is making a trip to Dallas this weekend, and I’m hoping he can offer me some tips on photographing my new favorite décor item.

I also snagged supplies to craft some feathered Halloween trees. Black feathers were $1.99 for a 7 oz. bag, so I grabbed two. After scoping out the floral section and realizing that cone-shaped foam was going to set me back $4 a pop, I racked my brain for a less-pricey alternative.

Enter: cardstock. Rolled-up cardstock = a perfect cone and would definitely be substantial enough to support feathers. Plus, it was just $1.40 for two 12 x 12 sheets. Sold!

I started by rolling my cardstock into a funnel shape, making sure the hole in the top was as small as possible, and securing the seam with some really high-tech Scotch tape.

Then I trimmed the bottom edge so the tree had a flat base. No scientific approach here – I just kept trimming and putting the cone on the counter to make sure it stood straight.

Then came the feathers. I started adding feathers along the bottom of the cone, and then worked my way up. Hot glue held the feathers in place (and burned off my fingerprints. I’m thinking this would be a good time to mastermind a robbery). Turns out I needed just one bag of feathers. Who knew 7 oz. of feathers would be enough for two mini-trees, plus a coating of feathers all across the kitchen floors and counters. If you’re attempting this yourself, I recommend feathering outdoors for easier cleanup!


The last step was giving the feathers a haircut along the base. Easy-peasy.

The grand total for the trees was $3.39, since I only cracked open one bag of feathers. Here they are again, posing with some pumpkins.

More Halloween projects to come in the next few weeks, so stay tuned! Have you started thinking about Halloween yet, or am I way too early to this party?



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2 responses to “Halloween Spooktacular

  1. I adore the cloche vignette! It looks like it was taken right out of an Edgar Allen Poe story. Immediately in my head I see an eery, romantic scene with the cloche amid the feathered trees sitting upon a heap of fake snow. Why my brain is taking it to The Nightmare Before Christmas I don’t know, but I love the unique feelings the decor stirs up! It’s a wonderful, engaging spooky rather than a gruesome, bloody ghoul bought off the shelf, and so much more creative!

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