Hey, Good-Lookin’!

When it comes to picking presents for the hubby, he’s a die-hard “useful gifts” kind of guy. That’s his stance when it comes to décor, too – things that stand around and have no apparent purpose are not at the top of his favorites list. This year, Tony’s scored a few gifts that fit the bill as useful without being a total eyesore.

For Father’s Day, my musically-talented husband got a new radio. Not just any radio though – he got a Tivoli Model 1. From the usefulness perspective, it plays radio stations (duh) and you can hook it up to external sources with a cable. The wood housing makes it acoustically inert (if you know what this means, you are two steps ahead of me), and the super-sensitive tuner means you can get lots of obscure little radio stations. Plus, on an attractiveness scale, it beats this old radio with a broomstick.  

We celebrated Tony’s birthday yesterday (happy birthday, HT!). Since it we were still firmly entrenched in triple-digit, sweat-soaked temps when I started birthday shopping for him, a table-top fan seemed like the perfect gift. He had been sporting a beaten-up black fan from his college days, obligingly moving it out of the house when we had guests, cause it’s that ugly. This vintage-style fan from Hunter was good-looking enough not to get the boot when in polite company, but still totally fit the bill when it came to functionality.  

The hubby is also an art man, and we’ve made two trips to Switzerland together to visit my family now. On the last trip, we went to Lucerne for the day and walked along a beautiful wooden bridge. So when I found this print on Etsy, I knew it would be the perfect way to add a little something sentimental to his uber-functional birthday gift.

I also picked up a frame for the picture – this picture frame was on sale at Pottery Barn and came with two mat choices. I opted for the plain cream mat, so it wouldn’t compete with the painting.

Wondering what the verdict was on these useful-meets-attractive gifts? The hubby loved ‘em, insisting that we find a place for the Lucerne painting and that we test out the new fan immediately.

Are you a useful gifts kind of person, or do you throw caution to the wind when it comes to making your wish list?


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  1. Lauren R.

    We have that same fan in our study and people are always complimenting it…

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