Death by Painting

Before I got cracking on our headboard, which is now thankfully a done deal, I finally got up the courage to work on a project I’ve been dreading for months: painting the doors and surrounding trim in our master bathroom and bedroom. In case you’re counting, that’s five doors. With two sides. And trim on each. And since we were going from oil-based paint to latex, that meant three coats on paint on each surface: a coat of primer, plus two coats of Olympic’s semi-gloss paint. It made me tired just thinking about it.

But, with a Friday off of work, and the urge to get this horrible task knocked out so I could go on to more fun (and impactful) projects, I rolled up my sleeves and got started. Here’s a little “Before” image so you can see just how dire this situation was. The floor trim is the new color, and the door trim is the old, beaten up cream color. The dog hair is just a figment of your really gross imagination.

I painted all day Friday… for several hours on Saturday (with Tony’s help, thankfully)… knocked in a few more on Sunday… and then spent several hours every night the following week finishing up. So, amazingly, we crossed another item off of our master bedroom to-do list, which is now looking a little more like this:

  1. Paint the doors and door trim
  2. Install a curtain rod
  3. Sew curtains
  4. Build a headboard
  5. Sew a new bedskirt
  6. Move our old dresser into the closet to make room for a glass table
  7. Paint and reupholster the old bench at the foot of our bed
  8. Get new bedside lamps
  9. Add art or mirrors to the wall behind the bed
  10. Paint the room
  11. Install new trim
  12. Get beside tables

And here are the trim and the doors, in their all-white & no longer dinged-and-dented glory. Plus the trim and the door are now the same color. Control your excitement, people!

I know it’s more than a little underwhelming to take our doors and trim from cream to white. Wouldn’t it have been fun to go a totally different direction? Something like…

via Pinterest via Pinterest 

via Little Green Notebook

via Design Is Mine

via Abode Love  

via Abode Love

via Real Simple

But, at the end of the day, a desire to NEVER EVER AGAIN paint these doors won out over painting them a fun color. When we finally bite the bullet and invest in a paint sprayer, I’ll try my hand at a brightly-colored door. Until then, me and my paint brush will be going to town with white. Are you rocking white doors, or have you fully embraced color doors? Spill the beans!



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2 responses to “Death by Painting

  1. TuUyen

    I absolutely understand your excitement of taking your doors/trim from cream to white since we’re doing the same thing. I’m still working on painting our trim. The inside trim of the doorway is also a pain in the butt to do! I’m already tired of painting the trim and we haven’t even painted the actual doors yet…aaaggghh!

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