Taking a Miss on Missoni

When the first article that bombarded me on Yahoo this morning was yesterday’s tale of Missoni for Target woe (in case you missed the fuss, the online store opened late, sold out fast, and the Target website crashed multiple times – woops) I knew I had missed the boat by not hitting up my local Target yesterday. But when I ventured out for lunch today, I figured surely every juicy piece of Missoni couldn’t have been snapped up at the world’s worst Target here in Plano,Texas. And I was right, sort of. A small assortment of Missoni items was camped out in the accessories section. Too bad most of them were children’s items. I indulged in an evil-stepsister moment by trying to jam my oversized feet into the cute-but-kid-sized versions of the ballet slippers I’d been coveting. No dice. Surely there must be a happy medium between carrying waaaaay too much stock and carrying what was clearly not enough. Can you dig it, Target?

Luckily, my lunch break wasn’t a total bust. I’ve been on the look out for an inexpensive glass cloche for awhile, and World Market delivered. This bad boy was just $19.

In case you don’t have a World Market close at hand, this website also sells a big cloche for $29. Just watch out for shipping – the tab was $12 to ship this glass dome to Texas!

Here are some of the ways I’m planning on putting my cloche to work.

Storing some pumpkins this fall.

Image via Country Living  

Showcasing a branch with tiny Christmas ornaments or Easter eggs, similar to this Martha-creation. 

Image via Martha Stewart  

She’s got the market cornered on cute Christmas cloche ideas – like this arrangement of paper trees…

Image via Martha Stewart  

Or this super-easy answer to Christmas decorating.  

Image via Martha Stewart  

Making a tiny greenhouse for some plants I haven’t killed yet, a la PB.

Image via Pottery Barn  

How about scaring up an arrangement like this? Spooooky! 

And, of course, if I run out of inedible ideas, there is always an easy backup – bake something delicious and cover it up with a cloche!

Although with a cookie monster like me around, sweets aren’t going to last long in a highly-visible location like that. And I don’t think broccoli under a cloche is going to win any fashionable home awards.


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