Leather Sofa Round-Up

A friend asked me recently about my stance was on leather couches. As I shared in this living room mood board post, leather sofas definitely aren’t my favorite look. However, when it comes to durability, it’s hard to argue with leather – one of our sofas is close to 6 years old now, and it still looks pretty much perfect, in spite of being the dog’s preferred sleeping site and a jungle gym for one kiddo.

So, if you’re thinking about going with a leather couch, but you don’t want one that looks like this (sorry, Cindy Crawford collection):

Here are a few more fashionable options (which, by the way, are totally making me re-think my anti-leather stance).

 Ikea Karlstad Loveseat and Chaise Lounge


It’s available in dark brown or black, and the tufting is a-mazing. $1528 for this arrangement

Ikea Stockholm

I heart everything about this sofa. Particularly the pale color and the gorgeous contrasting legs (but it’s also available in dark brown, in case you’re wondering). Plus, with an aesthetic that works with just about any design style, it’s super versatile. $1499 for this looker.

PB Austin

Perfect for a traditionalist who’s willing to spend a little extra, this fella comes in a gorgeous russet leather shade. Prepare your wallet, though – this sofa is $2199. 

Room Store Blaine

If you’re loving the PB sofa, but not the price tag, this similar look rings in at just $1299 (plus an extra $899 for the armchair). Odds are that the sofa feet on this bad boy just screw right in, which means you could swap them with some more traditional feet from Orange or Blue to get even closer to the PB version.

Macy’s Gina

Damn, Gina! Gorgeous camel color + tufting + a modern shape = love. This two-piece sectional isn’t cheap at $2,699, but waiting for a sale would definitely be worth it.

Macy’s Claudia

She’s pretty, petite, and tufted. Need we say more? Yes, because in addition to cream and taupe, she also comes in a showstopping seafoam color – not for the faint of heart. $1299 for this little lady.

Are you a die-hard slipcover fan, or is leather your material of choice when it comes to couches?


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  1. Doris Rice

    Looking for Leather sofa by Claudia II in Dove Grey. Where can I find it. Macy’s no longer have color in Dove Grey. I am in NC.

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