Dirty Little Secrets

I’ve got a confession to make. In spite of the fact that we bought our amazing Malay dressers almost a month ago, the drawers looked like this until yesterday.

Completely and totally empty, unless you count the errant piece of Styrofoam packaging abandoned in my top drawer.

You know what’s worse? This pile of junk.

Are you ready for the WORST part? This heap was right next to my dresser. I was just too lazy to go through the process of sorting it all out. So finally, I got up my courage and dumped out this bin-o-crap.

Some of the gems I unearthed in this never-before-sorted mess included: an eye mask that makes me panic when I wear it (definitely a keeper), a planner from 2007, index cards (in case the urge to create flash cards strikes me right before bed), and a penny. One sad penny. In my youth I once threw away a bunch of pennies while cleaning my room up, not realizing it was illegal. Woops.

In any case, it was time to get rid of all that junk and sort it down to the keepers – reading material and an assortment of cables for things like my digital camera, wrist GPS, and laptop. Then I put these handy dandy bins from Target to work.

While we’re talking about the bins, let me present a question. Each of the bins included one of these little silica gel satchels.

Does anyone REALLY try to eat those packets? Or rather: does anyone who can actually read try to eat those packets? I get a tiny tot trying to snack on one of them… but if a kid is old enough to read, don’t you think they’d also be past the stage of needing to taste-test everything? Just wondering.

Back to the main event. I even sorted and put away all my running gear. A home for everything.

Even though it’s not a super exciting makeover, getting organized still made me feel like a superhero. Can’t argue with that! Plus, someone really adorable kept me company while I sorted – from the bed, of course.

Have you knocked out any organization projects lately?


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