Free + Me = Love

I love free stuff. Particularly when it comes to reading material, which is why blogs are so amazing. About 6 months ago, I stumbled across another fabulous freebie – Lonny, an online design magazine. Close to 300 pages of gorgeous rooms, plus lots of cool products, published every two months – and the price tag of $0, which can’t be beat. And since it’s an online mag, you have the added bonus of being environmentally friendly – no printed pages to recycle when you’re done!

In case you don’t feel like perusing all 300 pages, here are some of the highlights from the July/August issue.

Ikea used to carry a black and white striped rug for about $15, which would have been the perfect ingredient to DIY a larger rug like this (without the icky price tag of the real thing). It was discontinued awhile back, and now there’s an almost-perfect substitute on their website. But at $350, it’s not comin’ home with me anytime soon. In spite of the fact that we just added a striped wall to our bathroom, I’ve been feeling a little over them. Then I fell in love all over again when I saw this picture… (Then there’s the chair, which looks like it might rearrange your anatomy, free of charge).

I die for this mirrored Parsons desk. And when I think about how much cleaning would be required to keep this thing shiny. The other intriguing thing about this picture is the use of mixed metals (the silver of the frames and mirrored desk and the brassy lamp), something I love but have always been afraid to replicate.

Giant artwork – another thing to DIY? With a 40% off coupon at Michael’s, you could cover an entire wall for $30.

A bench upholstered in a green geometric pattern. Yum.

Other than the scenery, which also makes me giddy, I heart these curtains. I’d love to DIY a version with some cheapo curtains and basic grosgrain ribbon in our dining room.

Seeing my mom vacuum our stairs as a child made me super glad not to have any in our house now. But this kinda makes me want some. Plus I love the antlers. Weird for a vegetarian, but I totally adore antlers. Shh, don’t tell Peta.

We don’t have a pool. But I’d dig one with a kitchen spoon if someone would let me have this cabana.

Pretty much the only thing I like in this image is the mirror, which I love love love. The rest of it makes me want to have a garage sale.

I couldn’t help but include this last image, which I find hilariously impractical. Can you imagine falling all over these things in the dark? Or the jokes you would get about your giant… well, you know what.

Was there anything in the last issue of Lonny that made your heart leap? Spill the beans!


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