Headboard Inspiration

When I first started thinking about what sort of headboard I wanted for our bedroom, I was head over heels for this ikat version from a House Beautiful article. I loved the shape and the fabric was amazing.

I eventually decided to stick with the ikat theme, but shoot for a more geometric (and less flowy) headboard shape to appease the hubby. So we set out to recreate this gorgeous shape.

Tony kicked butt with the jigsaw, and he was able to execute the shape without a problem. But when it came time to upholster the headboard, I could NOT figure out how to get the fabric to work around those super-square corners. After a lot of tugging, pulling, and a fair amount of cursing, we sawed off all of Tony’s lovely handiwork and went back to the basic square you saw in this post.

So when we made our second attempt at a headboard, I conceded that we’d go with a square shape from the outset. Instead of nailhead trim, I wanted to use covered upholstery buttons to jazz it up. I figured the buttons, along with the patterened fabric, would keep it from looking completely uninspired.

Once the fabric had been seamed together, it was time to make the buttons. I bought a button-making kit at Joann’s, got the supplies together, and was ready to rock some super cute covered buttons. Too bad the button kit I’d purchased didn’t work with heavy-weight upholstery fabric. So after a lot of jamming, smashing, and grunting, I cast aside the first pack of buttons and headed back to Joann’s for a upholstery buttons.

These little things are a miracle. An expensive miracle, at $4 for a package of 3, but I figured it was worth the splurge. In one episode of Criminal Minds, I assembled this little army of buttons.

All you’ve got to do is cut a circle of fabric to start with (I found that the included template was waaaay too small, so I cut a generous swatch for each button).

Lay the fabric face-down on the button mold (which is that round guy next to my fabric circle), and then put the button on top, shank (loop that you use to attach the button) up.

Wrap the edges of the fabric up and around the button (making sure to smooth out any wrinkles along the button’s edges), and snap the back into place.

Now you’ve got an adorable covered button. Easy peasy.

Next, we were ready to take the plunge and start building and upholstering our headboard frame. With a little luck and post-work determination, I should have a finished product to share soon!



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5 responses to “Headboard Inspiration

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  2. Lauren R.

    You made that look way too easy…

  3. Hi, can you please tell me where you found the picture with the grey headboard? I would love to recreate that look, and am curious to know where to go to buy the fabric. Thanks!

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