Sarah’s Summer House

So when Tony was out of town recently, I had the luxury of spending a whole evening watching (since we’re far too cheap for cable TV). I was thrilled to see that Sarah’s Summer House made it online, so naturally, I watched all 6 episodes in rapid succession. Maybe that’s why I never get anything done.

In any case, as Sarah and Tommy (my dream-world BFF) perused patterns for the bedding in one of the guest rooms at Pottery Barn, they came across this duvet cover.

Sarah pronounced her love, and Tommy threatened to gouge his eyes out (or something equally as Tommy-like). And yes, I was totally miffed that my fantasty-land friend hated the bedding. Why? Because it’s what we picked for Livi’s “big girl” room makeover. (You’ll have to excuse my less-than-professional photos. My photography skills are a work in progress… like everything else!)

Luckily, when Sarah made the pattern the star of one of the East Guest Room, I felt redeemed. And I figured it was OK to stop being mad at Tommy, too. Really, how can you stay mad at someone who stands on top of a giant septic tank and announces that he’s “on the poop deck”?

Although I love the duvet in Livi’s room, clearly Sarah’s execution was far superior. Room to grom, right? You can see more of Sarah’s summer cottage here.


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