Master Bedroom Progress!

So, in typical Sirchio style, months after conceiving the plans for our master bedroom, I’ve finally got some progress to share. I took a Friday off of work to knock out the basics – removing the fabulously dusty gold-and-white ceiling fan blades, ripping out the old trim, and covering the walls and ceiling with a fresh coat of – you guessed it, off-white. So the chocolate wall was history, and I was already feeling better. The same weekend, we installed new, taller trim and painted it a crisp white.

We also tackled installing a new ceiling fan. Would I have preferred a sparkly chandelier instead? Yes. Can I live without a ceiling fan when the temperatures outside are 100+ for months on end? No, no I can’t. The new ceiling fan is blissfully quiet, and I love how it looks – even if it’s sparkle-free.

A few weeks ago, I got an email coupon from World Market. Far be it for me to let a coupon go to waste, so I headed over to their website to see what I could find. Lo and behold, the Malay dresser I had coveted for months was on sale for almost half-off – plus I had my handy little coupon. Although my original design plan called for Rast dressers as bedside tables, I’d toyed with the idea of using the Malay dressers instead. But I could never pull the trigger – partially because a pair of them would cost me over $600 with tax, and I wasn’t 100% sold on the idea of nightstands that were almost 6 inches taller than the bed. The sale convinced me, and Tony brought them home for me that evening (it took him two trips – these boxes were ENORMOUS! What a good hubby). Here they are, waiting to be filled with clothes, books, and bedside necessities like chapstick and cotton balls to drown out dog/hubby snoring sounds. And yup, the bed’s totally unmade.

And, just for the heck of it, a shot of my favorite vignette, camped out on top of my nightstand – my prized Domino book of decorating, a book of Matisse art, and a faux coral.

I loved the idea of getting so much extra storage, and thought that getting our upholstered headboard in place would balance the look. I also found this pair of inspiration photos of taller bedside tables that helped seal the deal.

From Centsational Girl’s Townhouse Model Crashing

From House Beautiful

With those projects done, our bedroom to-do list is looking more like this:
1. Paint the doors and door trim
2. Install a curtain rod
3. Sew curtains from my Premier Zig Zag fabric
4. Build a headboard
5. Sew a new bedskirt
6. Move our old dresser into the closet to make room for a glass table
7. Paint and reupholster the old bench at the foot of our bed
8. Get new bedside lamps
9. Add art or mirrors to the wall behind the bed
10. Paint the room
11. Install new trim
12. Get beside tables

Still alarmingly long, but headed in the right direction.



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2 responses to “Master Bedroom Progress!

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  2. Lauren R.

    I heart the Domino decorating book as well- got it from One King’s Lane for a steal 🙂

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