A Living Room For My Dream House

Although dark leather isn’t exactly my first choice when it comes to living room furniture, it’s what we are currently rocking in the Sirchio household. And even if it isn’t my preferred aesthetic, there are definitely some benefits to the dark leather – namely, dog hair can be swept right off with your hand (no lint rolling required). Plus, it hides any sort of discoloration that might come from sweaty humans sitting on the sofa, which is pretty much inevitable when you a. live in Texas and b. are too cheap to turn the air below 78 degrees. Gross, right?

Setting reality aside, here’s a mood board that I love for a family without sofa-bound hounds or overly sweaty visitors (or residents). Click on the mood board to see it full-size.


  1. We’ve seen the Aiden line before – and yes, I am still fawning over it (and waiting for the price to half itself).  Looking for a DIY alternative to the Aiden table? Try Ana White’s free factory cart tutorial.
  2. Premier’s Zig Zag fabric for fun curtains. Yup, I’ve got a penchant for this fabric – you’ve seen it before in the bedroom mood board.
  3. Robert Allen’s Les Fauves springy green fabric for a few throw pillows.
  4. Eat Honey vintage pillow from Etsy seller Zen Threads.  
  5. The Pottery Barn Basic sofa. There’s a slightly less pricey version available at JC Penney (the Khaki, Butter, and Natural colors are all good neutrals).  The bonus here is that slipcovers are washable and can tolerate the occasional sweaty or furry sitter.
  6. This industrial floor lamp, also from JC Penney.      
  7. Pier 1’s champagne mirror – try it horizontally over the couch.
  8. Manzanita branches. Put these in a tall vase, and they instantly add height and interest. Bonus: you can hang small Christmas tree ornaments or Easter eggs on the branches for seasonal appeal.

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