I got it at Ross

Ross is definitely one of THOSE stores. It’s got a funny smell, the line is always 30 people deep, and you’re either going to knock it out of the park with some great finds, or dang near get knocked out by the odor. Luckily for me, the last two times I’ve stopped in at Ross, I’ve snagged a few cool items.

The first is this garden stool, which I love. It’s white ceramic, plus it’s small, and far too heavy for the dog to knock over. A home run, right?

I realize they are everywhere at this point (which is perhaps why they’ve even made it to Ross now), but they still make an appearance on One King’s Lane every few weeks, boasting a price tag close to $1o0, so the $30 I paid seemed reasonable – even if it is something that will actually end up in the garden someday. Funny sidenote: when I brought it back to work to show off, one of my coworkers looked at it, and very politely asked, “What does it do?”.  That left me more than a little worried about what the hubby would say, but luckily, his only question was how much this thing weighed (the answer being: a whole lot). Here are a few of the ways I’d love to put this little guy to work:

Image from House Beautiful

Image from West Elm

Image from Decor Pad

The other prize I unearthed at Ross is this end table. While I generally try not to buy things without an idea of where they’ll land once they make it home, I couldn’t resist this. The top had a major chip, which was fine by me, because I had visions of a makeover in my head (details to come soon!). Plus the chip snagged me an extra 20% off the $29 price tag. Nice!

Found anything good at your local Ross lately?



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3 responses to “I got it at Ross

  1. Lauren R.

    I’m super jealous/happy for you that you were able to snag such a find!

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